Spleodar Application form checklist for 2021 applications

At Spleodar we strive to make our applications process as fair and accessible as we possibly can, despite the limited numbers available for our courses and our strong emphasis on having a great mix of students in each venue. We are hugely disappointed about the Covid-19 reality of 2020 and the experiences missed by so many students: may 2021 bring us back to friends, learning, and fun. We have come up with a set of notes that will help to make this year’s registration as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Please read this full list before posting your application.

  1. A deposit of €350 is required. The options for payment are cheque, postal order or bank draft. Made payable to Spleodar.
  2. Please write the student’s name and date of birth on back of payment.
  3. A photograph is required with application form. This does not need to be a passport photo. Please staple it to the application form in space allotted.
  4. If a group of friends are applying to a Spleodar course please post applications in the same envelope. If this is not possible due to time constraints have a cover letter attached to the application form with all friends’ names listed.
  5. For the past few years, many June courses have been booked up in one day! Please consider a later date in the summer if it suits, as over 200 applicants were unsuccessful for 2020 on the first day of processing alone.
  6. Corr na Móna June has a capacity of 90 students. Each year within the first 3 days of applications we receive 200 applications for Corr na Móna. Due to this the max number of friends permitted on this course is 3.
  7. When applying for June choose multiple courses to improve chances of securing a place. If we have a list of friends as discussed in question 4 we can process everyone on the same course then.
  8. As we receive over 1000 applications in the first few days alone please allow us time to process receipts. If you are unsuccessful you normally hear from us first with a range of options.
  9. Application forms for 2021 courses will be available to download from www.spleodar.com at 1pm on Sunday 6th of September. All application forms that are personally dropped into our office letterbox that Sunday and Monday will be added to the post that arrives Tuesday and will be chosen at random. This is to ensure that everyone has the exact same opportunity to ensure their course of choice. As we have students applying from all over the country this is the fairest practice.
  10. The address to send the application form to is: Spleodar, Teach Phuirséíl, Bothar An Chairn Mhór, Uarán Mór, Co Na Gaillimhe.
  11. Do not register post as our postman arrives very early and no one will be available to sign for it. This means collection that evening and a delay in processing your student.
  12. Applications cannot be made online or via email. We have been considering these options for some time but for the 2021 summer bookings, to maintain a consistent system we are sticking with post-applications only.
  13. Due to Covid 19, our walk-in policy in the Spleodar office has been changed. A letterbox will be provided at our office entrance and applications forms can be left into this. If you need
    to talk to a member of staff please call 091/388916 or email eolas@spleodar.com

Spleodar Samhraidh agus Geimhridh Teo
Oifig Cláraithe: Teach Phuirseil, Br. an Chairn Mhoir, Uarán Mór, Co. na Gaillimhe, Cláraithe in Éirinn Uimhir 373263
Stiúrthóirí: M. Ó Bradaigh, P. Ní Chinnsealaigh, E Mac Cormaic, B Ni Ghreachain, D. Nic Gabhann, C. Ni Mhaoilchiaráin, S. Ó Mórdha , P.Ó Broin, P. Mag Lionnáin.

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