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Booking Application Terms and Conditions
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Booking Application Terms and Conditions

By signing and submitting our summer application form as accessible on www.spleodar.com, you aresubmitting to having read, understood and fully accepted all of SPLEODAR’S terms and conditions, as listed hereafter.

  • Although the terms and conditions at time of booking apply when booking is made, our terms andconditions may change over time. It is your responsibility to check regularly whether the terms and conditionshave been changed.
  • These provisions (terms, conditions, disclaimers and exclusions) shall be construed in accordance withthe laws of the Republic of Ireland. If any of these provisions are deemed or found to be unlawful, void or forany reason unenforceable then the provision or provisions so found shall be deemed severable and shall notaffect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.
  • Any dispute, claim, complaint or otherwise arising out of or relating to SPLEODAR courses or the contractherein, and or the breach thereof, which cannot be resolved by the parties concerned shall be settled byarbitration administered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Ireland or an Arbitrator(s) nominated bythem in accordance with its rules and judgment on the award rendered may be entered in any court havingjurisdiction thereof.


  • SPLEODAR reserves the right of attendance on our courses.
  • SPLEODAR do not take responsibility for errors made by persons filling in the course date and venue onthe summer application form.
  • Receipt of completed application form with deposit does not guarantee a place on the course. If yourstudent has been deemed eligible to attend a SPLEODAR course and has been allocated a place on suchrequested course, a receipt will be issued. Our response time may vary depending on volume of applicationsor otherwise. In the event that your student has been deemed eligible to attend a SPLEODAR course and thechosen course is full when application is processed, SPLEODAR will contact you to best advise you in relationto waiting lists, other available courses and refunds.
  • When a course is full, a waiting list is opened. A set number of names of each gender are accepted foreach course. Pupils are added to each list by virtue of the date their application is received. Pupils are movedfrom each waiting list onto each course if and when a space becomes available. There is no guarantee that apupil on any waiting list will ultimately receive a course space.
  • SPLEODAR may from time to time use contact information to inform past pupils about after-careevents without prejudice to their data protection rights.
  • It is advisable to place all friend applications in one envelope if they are attending the same course

Information Meeting and Information Pack

  • Prior to attending a SPLEODAR course, each NEW student must be accompanied by at least oneparent/guardian to an introductory information meeting. A NEW student will not be permitted to attenda course until they have attended such an information meeting with at least one parent/guardian.Parent/guardian and student must arrive at the allocated time and must remain for the duration of theinterview process until payment is made at the end of the process.
  • The information meeting is used to discuss any specific issues regarding the student’s health, personalcircumstances, educational difficulties and/or dietary needs. All past or present medical conditions must bedisclosed and explained to the interviewer.
  • At the information meeting, the Commitment Form (Foirm Gheallúna) must be read by at least oneparent/guardian and student prior to being signed by both. This is a legally binding contract.
  • If parent/guardian or student has any questions or queries in relation to this Commitment form, thisshould be made known to the interviewer before signing the Commitment Form.
  • Final and full payment is to be made at the information meeting. If a parent/guardian of a NEW studentis also a parent/guardian of a RETURNING student, payment for this student may also be made.
  • SPLEODAR does not accept credit/laser card payments.
  • RETURNING students do not have to attend an information meeting. RETURNING students will be postedremaining payment details and the Commitment Form prior to the course.
  • The course information pack will be available to download from the front page of www.spleodar.comfrom 6 pm on 18th May 2018. It will not be sent in the post. The course information pack contains allnecessary additional information needed before beginning the course.


  • Fees and prices are subject to change without notice. The fee indicted on our website at time of bookingapplies. Here ‘fee’ refers to the fee as stated on the application form on www.spleodar.com. Any subsequentrefunds will be based on the fee paid at the time of booking.
  • The course fee includes accommodation, meals, tuition, and all course activities. It does not cover the cost of transport to and from the centre at beginning and end of course; medical bills or other medicalexpenses.
  • Students can also bring pocket money. It is advisable that this pocket money is placed in SPLEODAR’sbanking system, upon which withdrawals can be made every other day. Such monies are collected on the firstday of the course.
  • Any outstanding student medical bills must be paid by cheque (payable to SPLEODAR) to aboveaddress within 3 weeks of date of course completion.
  • A €50 doctor cheque or €50 cash will be collected by staff members at the beginning of the course.Same will be returned if unused at end of course.
  • No fees are payable by students on waiting list unless they have secured a place.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Where a student must leave or chooses to leave a course, at whatever stage or for whatever reason,SPLEODAR is not obliged to give any partial or full refund of fee.
  • SPLEODAR do not accept responsibility for cancellation of a course, before or during that course, dueto circumstances which are or were not within our control. In the event of a course being cancelled prior to its commencement, a full refund will be paid.
  • If accommodation within guideline standards cannot be found for a student immediately prior to acourse, a full refund will be paid.All cancellations must be received in writing to SPLEODAR, Teach Phuirséil, Br. an Chairn Mhóir, Órán Mór,Co. na Gaillimhe or to eolas@spleodar.com.
  • Cancellations made more than 30 days before course forfeit an administration fee of €150
  • Cancellations made 8-30 days before course forfeit full deposit.
  • Cancellations made 7 days or less before course forfeit the full course fee.Contact with Student during course
  • The primary means of communication with students is the postal service. All students aregiven the opportunity to write letters to their parents/guardians in English. All received post is dispersedto the intended student as soon as is practically possible. Email may also be used to contact students.SPLEODAR does not take responsibility for any email(s) which do not reach students, whether for technicalreasons or otherwise.
  • Phone calls to parents/guardians are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.
  • Parents/guardians/family may visit on Sundays during the times allocated as stated on the relevantcourse information pack. Students must be returned on or before the allocated times, as per courseinformation pack. The allocated Sunday times are only changeable in exceptional circumstances, subject todiscussion with the course director.
  • Generally visitation or removal of a student from the course, by parent or otherwise, for any period oftime, is not permitted, unless there are exceptional circumstances and approval of course director has beensought and granted. It is recommended that a letter be given to the course director at the beginning of thecourse informing him/her of such subsequent removal.
  • If an individual who is not a parent/guardian is visiting /collecting a student on a Sunday or otherwise,written permission from the parent/guardian must be received in advance by the course director. Phone callsto the course office will not suffice. An email to the course email address from parent/guardian that isreceived before the student leaves the course will suffice.
  • No student may leave the course by any other means, including public transport and private taxis


  • No mixing of males and females is permitted within our accommodation system.
  • Where there is a group of friends on a course, as described by such applicants on the CommitmentForms, SPLEODAR is not obliged to put such friends in the same house. However SPLEODAR shall endeavourto put up to three friends in any one house. Any inconsistency between Commitment Forms may jeopardiseany such endeavour.
  • Where there are any numbers of friends in one house, no two friends, as described by applicants on theCommitment Forms, shall be allowed to stay in the same bedroom.

Items to be brought on course

  • SPLEODAR do not provide insurance for students’ personal belongings.
  • SPLEODAR recommend that all valuables which the students bring with them on the course be coveredunder the ‘All Risks’ section of home insurance.
  • Students are responsible for all personal belongings they bring on a course and it is strongly advised thatstudents do not lend these belongings to others whilst on the course.
  • SPLEODAR advises students to place their names (as declared on their application form) on all property,including all medicines.
  • Once unused medical cheque or money for medical purposes is returned to student at end of course,SPLEODAR is not liable for subsequent loss of cheque or money. Neither is SPLEODAR liable for any monies orproperty subsequently lost once returned to students at end of course.
  • SPLEODAR is not liable for any luggage or property (including musical instruments and sportsequipment) lost in transit at beginning or end of course.
  • SPLEODAR do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen property at any stage of the course and are notobliged to retain lost property in any location.All medicine and medical apparatuses must be given to teachers as soon as the course begins. This includesboth prescription and non-prescription medicine. Teachers will monitor and supervise administration of allmedicines. It is important that parent/guardian explain this requirement to the student. Depending on thefrequency of a student’s medication, the medication will be either kept in the college or in the house with theBean an Tí. Teachers will ask students to hand in all medicine, but ultimately the student must make teachersaware of such medicines. SPLEODAR accepts no liability for medicines that are not handed in to the teachersand that they have not been made aware of.Exception to this requirement can be granted, depending on individual circumstances. For example, inhalerscan be kept by students. Parent/guardian should speak to the course director at beginning of course if this exception is applicable to their student. In the case of prescription medicine, it is advisable that a letter isgiven to course director on first day explaining the circumstances of the medication.
  • Should a student wish to bring a camera SPLEODAR strongly recommend a disposable one.
  • Aerosols are strictly prohibited. These include Lynx, Sure, etc. These will be removed from studentsunless they are medically necessitated.

Student Behaviour

  • SPLEODAR reserves the right to discipline or expel a student in the event of behaviour deemedinappropriate and/or non-compliance with the terms and conditions.
  • Good conduct is expected of each student and SPLEODAR’s Code of Behaviour will be strictlyimplemented.
  • All students must remain with the group into which they are divided at all times. For example, whendivided into their house group, students must remain with other students of their house and their houseleader(s). Where any student(s) leave(s) the group upon which he/she is divided into, this will be seen as aserious breach of discipline. Similarly, where any student(s) leave(s) the college or actual house withoutpermission this will be seen as a serious breach of discipline.
  • Possession of a mobile phone will be seen as a serious breach of discipline.
  • Students will be liable for any damage caused to SPLEODAR property, school property or any otherproperty belonging to SPLEODAR employees, during the duration of a course.
  • Any activity deemed to be illegal or criminal will result in a full investigation and immediate dismissal,where deemed necessary.Such activities include:Criminal DamageSmoking / Cigarette possessionDrug / alcohol possession or consumptionSPLEODAR reserves its right to contact An Garda Síochána to report any criminal or illegal act.


  • SPLEODAR adheres to the Department of Education and Science Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behaviourin Primary and Post Primary Schools (1993).Rules regarding the speaking of English
  • For first time students, the rules regarding the speaking of English are explained at the introductoryinformation meeting.
  • Each parent/guardian and student is required to sign a Commitment Form (Foirm Gheallúna).
  • Although RETURNING students need not attend an information meeting, no student will be acceptedonto a course without a Commitment Form having being signed by parent/guardian and student. This is alegally binding contract.Students are required to speak Irish at all times. Speaking of English will not be tolerated on any course andany student found doing so must leave the course forthwith, without warning and WITHOUT a refund of fees.In such circumstances all fees paid will be forfeited.Therefore, the following rules have been laid down so as to assure the full benefit to all the studentsattending our courses:
  • 1. Senior Course (All courses excluding Ros Muc in July)Students who speak one complete sentence in English must leave the course and there will be no refund offee.
  • 2. Junior Course (Ros Muc in July)If a student accidentally speaks English, they will be reprimanded and warned and parents/guardians will benotified. If such an incident is repeated, SPLEODAR will have no option but to send the student home andthere will be no refund.

Dismissal from course

  • In line with Department of Education and Science recommendations, SPLEODAR has an appeals procedure inplace which can be availed of.

Posting Details

  • Postal Address: Spleodar, Bóthar an Chairn Mhóir, Uarán Mór, Co. na GaillimheNB:
  • LDo not register post