Application (LMRL): Leitir Móir, August, 1st & 2nd Year

COURSE CODE: LMRL Cúrsa C 1st & 2nd Year (Secondary)

STATUS: OPENPlease read the Covid-19 terms and checklist before filling out your application form.

COURSE LOCATION (click for info):Leitir Móir/Lettermore

DATES: (25/07/2021 to 15/08/2021) August

How to Apply

  1. Download, print, and fill out the application when it is available: check course status!
  2. Post form and deposit to Spleodar
  3. Get place confirmation from Spleodar

Course Pricing Table for 2019: Cúrsa C August

New Student
Returning Student
Reduction for brother/sister
Reduction for 2nd or more sibling
Deposit (all courses)

Waiting Lists

When a course is full, a waiting list is opened for a limited number of further applications. A set number of names of each gender are accepted for each course.

Students are added to each list by virtue of the date/time their application is received.

Students are moved from each waiting list onto each course if and when a space becomes available: applicants will be contacted at this point.

There is no guarantee that a student on any waiting list will ultimately receive a course space.