Club members also partake in different events throughout the year e.g. an Tóstal (a reunion in September), a visit to An tOireachtas (A national Irish Language Festival), Slógadh Spleodar (a celebration of Clubs at the end of the year), An Turas Rúnda and many more. We recommend that students attend their local club and events run throughout the year.

Through participation in these events during the year, students are given an opportunity to practice and build upon their Irish, develop their leadership skills and strengthen their friendships made during the summer months.

Don’t forget our Youth Clubs

Our Irish language Youth Clubs are run in towns around the country by trained “Feighlithe” (3rd level students). They provide an opportunity for Spleodar’s students to meet in a safe environment and partake in different activities, ranging from drama and workshops to charitable fund-raising events etc. through the medium of Irish. This enables students to see Irish as a living language in their local community. The same level of supervision and rules apply in these clubs as do on our summer courses.

Find the best Youth Club for you