An Information pack for each course will be emailed out to each family 2 weeks prior to each course. Read Spleodar Terms and Conditions here

1:Riail na Gaeilge

Students must speak Irish at all times. A full sentence in English will entail dismissal from the college without refund of fees. This rule is strictly enforced and parents are advised not to send their children to Spleodar if they are not prepared to comply with this. This rule ensures that all students achieve their potential.

2:Riail an Ghrúpa

The students must remain in groups with a cinnire or teacher at all times. For Safety reasons students do not go anywhere alone.

3:Fón Póca

Mobile phones are not allowed on Spleodar courses. Parents are asked to ensure that students comply. Cooperation and respect for others are expected from everyone in Spleodar at all times

If a student speaks one complete sentence of English they will be dismissed from the course.

No, girls and boys are housed separately.

A maximum of three friends can stay in the same house together but not in the same bedroom. This will be organised at the information meeting.

Bean an tí will do 2 washes per course. She will wash light clothes – t-shirts, socks and underwear.

There are two visiting Sundays per course. Dates and times will be given in the information pack.

Spleodar operate a zero tolerance policy on mobile phones. Contact with your student can be made through the college landline, mobile by post or e-mail. Numbers and addresses will be available in the information pack.

Yes, however Spleodar recommend that communication by telephone should be kept to a minimum. We recommend that there be no verbal communication with your student for the first three days to enable students to become immersed in the language. Senior staff will be happy to give you a report on your students progress and pass on a message upon request. Hereafter parents may speak to their students but we recommend that this be kept to a minimum. Spleodar cannot facilitate daily phone contact with your student.

Spleodar organise optional private buses to each centre. Timetables and prices will be available in information pack. The bus can be paid for upon arrival at the course centre.

Spleodar recommend that only in exceptional circumstances should a student leave the course. If it is necessary to leave the course this must be arranged in writing with the course director at the time.

No. All contact must be made through the course phones and e-mail.

Yes, if they wish to but Spleodar recommend that all musical instruments / sports equipment which the students bring with them on the course be covered under the ‘all risks’ section of home insurance.

Spleodar operates a zero tolerance policy on the above items.

Yes, Spleodar run weekly youth clubs from September – March

Information about the Spleodar Child Protection Policy, as well as a link to a downloadable PDF of that policy, can be accessed here