Application (LMM): Leitir Mealláin, Cúrsa A, June, 1st & 2nd Year

COURSE CODE: LMM Cúrsa A 1st and 2nd Year (Secondary)

STATUS: 13/09/2023 at 12pmRegister for all courses through our Course Registration page

COURSE LOCATION (click for info): Leitir Mealláin

DATES: (04/06/2024 to 26/06/2024) June

TO APPLY: Check STATUS above and click link if available

How to Apply

  1. Check the status of your chosen course and if OPEN or LIMITED SPACES, click to fill out the online form.
  2. Submit form and pay deposit to Spleodar.
  3. Get place confirmation from Spleodar

Course Pricing Table for summer 2024: Cúrsa A June

New Student
Returning Student
Reduction for brother/sister
Reduction for 2nd or more sibling
Deposit (all courses)

Waiting Lists

When a course is full, a waiting list is opened for a limited number of further applications. A set number of names of each gender are accepted for each course.

Students are added to each list by virtue of the date/time their application is received.

Students are moved from each waiting list onto each course if and when a space becomes available: applicants will be contacted at this point.

There is no guarantee that a student on any waiting list will ultimately receive a course space.